Body services


Booty Facial

Get “summer ready” with this fabulous facial for the back side ;-)


Back “acne” facial

Get your back as smooth as your face with this facial



One of the oldest forms of alternative medicine, it involves insertion of needles to increase energy and blood flow. It has helpful effects on the immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.


A vacuum technique to help increase circulation and decrease pain and muscle tension



A treatment using dried mugwort for healing properties



Essential oils and acupuncture

Weight Loss and Nutrition Management

HCG protocol available to help kick start your weight loss program. A month of daily HCG injections tailored with low calorie diets and then a maintenance phase to help maintain your weight.

MIC shots/B12 shots

Help jump start your metabolism and keep your energy high all day without caffeine.


Available by appointment.

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House calls available by appointment

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