Yoga by the Ocean

Functional Medicine

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Women's Health

Hormone Balancing with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) 

Nutritional guidance, HCG Weight Loss

Adrenal analysis and support. Take this quiz to find out if you suffer from adrenal fatigue

Thyroid analysis and support. Take this quiz to find out of you suffer from hypothyroidism.

Men's Health

Testosterone Replacement


Exercise and Nutrition Guidance


Supplement Guidance for Optimal Health

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Alzheimer's Disease

Certified ReCode Provider

Uses Bredesen Protocol

Evaluation of Risks

Prevention Strategies

Stem Cell Therapy

Wellness Shots

Heal Orthopedic Injuries

Reduce Inflammation

Aesthetic Applications

Weight Management

Nutrition Counseling

HCG Weight Loss

Lifestyle Coaching