The IV Lounge

The IV Lounge at Carmel Wellness & Aesthetics offers intravenous infusion of signature and customized blends of vitamins, minerals, and/or electrolytes to replenish and hydrate the body and above all, the biggest organ of the body: the SKIN.

It all began with Dr. Meyers, an MD in Maryland who pioneered his famous “Meyers Cocktail” in the early 70s after seeing many patients that did not do well with traditional prescription medications. He started giving his patients the IV Vitamin C, magnesium, and B vitamins and they miraculously felt better. He did this for 25 years until his death. Common conditions he treated: fatigue, migraines, respiratory issues such as colds, asthma, and flu, seasonal allergies, hyperthyroid issues, and other inflammatory disorders. Most all of his patients felt so much better that after his death they sought out treatment with other practitioners. Today we have many versions of his first “cocktail” all with powerful nutrients and vitamins to help you feel your best.

Why IV instead of oral?

Because when the body digests, it breaks down the chemistry of the nutrient in order to absorb it. It prevents the absorption of up to 60% of the vitamins and minerals. Also some people have "absorption issues" also known as “leaky gut syndrome” which doesn’t allow nutrients to get absorbed.

When you give the vitamins and nutrients via IV they are absorbed 100% directly into the cells, where they will be absorbed immediately. This gives the body instant hydration as well as the nutrients and vitamins it NEEDS but may not be getting.


”Meyers Cocktail“
IV Vitamin C, magnesium, and B vitamins for a quick refreshing pick me up


Immunity Boost
IV Vitamin C (higher dose than meyer’s cocktail), magnesium, trace minerals, B Vitamins, selenium followed by a B 12 shot for increased energy and metabolism


Migraine Buster
IV Magnesium, trace minerals and hydration


Super Immunity
Vitamin C ( high dose requires lab work before treatment ), magnesium, trace minerals, selenium, B vitamins, with a “Glutathione push” following IV


Glutathione Push
A quick IV push for immune support, anti aging, reduces free radicals, detoxification. As we age we decrease our ability to make Glutathione on our own. It is needed by everyone of our cells as a natural antioxidant.



Coming soon!

IM (Intramuscular Injections)

  • B12 shot: Increased energy, increased metabolism, great for skin and hair growth

  • MIC shot: (Methionine/ Inositol /Choline) are designed to help your body speed up its metabolism the ingredients are lipotropics which are fat burning

  • Amino acids that are naturally occurring in the body

  • Other Vitamins/ nutrients available

    • D3

    • CoQ10

    • Biotin

    • Glutathione


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